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HORSE PERCEPTION COACHING intends to provide sustainable learning experiences, that help people to identify and live their potentials and skills.


We think and act in a sustainable manner. That means for us both, an attitude as well as a vision, which is vital for our children and - thanks to the driving forces of civil society, economy and politics - indispensable.


Therefore, we  address  in all our seminars and coachings the value of "sustainability" and are personally and financially involved in various non-profit projects.

In 2015 we found the non-profit association

Explority - centre for sustainable education and competence research.


Explority is a think tank promoting innovative educational approaches and an initiative which realizes projects for the development of sustainable education and the empowerment of children and adolescents.

HORSE PERCEPTION COACHING is among others since 2012 patron for wild konik horses in the German Hesse-Park (Leer/ Niedersachsen) in coopeartion with NABU e.V.

We plantes trees in the rainforest and support one reforestation project in Indonesia (National Parc of Sarongge), in order to preserve the local habitas of flora und fauna. Please find more details here.

And rescue horses in danger, like those four Trakehner horses, which had to stay more than ten years in a dark military bunker in Brandenburg without access to pasture and medical treatment. Today they live in a big open stable and are in professional hands.

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