We offer coaching for private purposes and for employees or leadership personell in an organizational context.

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Return on Emotions (ROE)


How horse-based coaching with a focus on "emotional competence" will produce sustainable improvements to the performance of your business.

Topics of individual coaching

Specify and prioritise your goals and vision

Plan the next steps for your personal developement
Identify your potential and ressources
Enhance your leaderhsip skills

Develop seniority and gain respect in your professional and private environment
Evelutate and solve conflicts and crisis

Learn to live resilience

Establish sustainable stress and conflict management

Strenghten decision making skills
Develop and apply communication strategies
Dissolve your creativity blocks
Start to make changes, accept new challenges and gain satisfaction

Personell development in organizations

These topics could also be of high interest for your employees.


Provide to them the opportunity they they can use their social skills and specific experise in an constructive and meaningful manner in order to be happy and motivated. This will boost not only boost the creativity and the high performance of your employees but also the entire success of your company.


Baed on a varietey of methodologies and a precise goal orientation our Coaching will be an effective instrument that generates new aha-effects and that challenges as well and supports your employees to enhace their emotional competence.


Invest in the targeted developemt of your employees and benefit form sustainable high level results.

"A development process accompanied by horses - I could not have imagined a clearer

and more effective coaching experience." 
Management consultant