communikation. prsence. success.

Clear communication and authentic personal presence are essential key compentences for souvereign leadership and a basis for success in your professional and private life.


But we can only enhance our communicaiton and leadersip skills if we are able to sense both, our own signals which we are sending out as well as their impact on others. This empowers us to manage our emotions and the emotions of others in a highly competent manner.

Bionik - Lernen von der Natur

A central element of our seminars and coaching concepts is the BIONIC - learning from nature. With the understanding that horses are herd and flight animals our seminar and coaching participants will learn about the effectiveness of their own sensing skills as well as their communication habits. 


An illustrative Bionic example is leadership:

Leading others is due to the multilayered interrelations within one social system a very complex task with daily new challenges. Here we can learn form nature...

...because by carefully observing the behavior of a horse herd we train our sensing skills. We will be able to understand quickly the dynamics within a complex group as well as the uniqueness of its individual group members. Aspects like leadership, structure, hierarchie, rituals, social unteraction (trust, Rrespect, proximity and distance, dominance, clarity) will be visible for us.


The understanding of herd behavior provides us a brilliant metaphore for specific situations in companies and invite us to reflect our own leadership style as well as our interaction with others within a team of colleagues.

neuroleadership and emotional competence

Emotions crreate the route for inspiration and motivation without which high performance would not be possible. 


Employees who are exposed to leaders with high emotional competence (Neuroleadership) have a lower absence rate, are more connected to the company (loyalty), feel psychologically healthier and more satisfied with the work they do.


Succenssful leadership requires therefore a very high level of emotional competence and authenticy

The extraordinary perceptive capacity of horses sensitizes our awareness of micromovements, breath as well as our attitude and body tension. In our seminars you will learn how to sense these aspects and how to interprete and apply them in a finely nuanced manner.


You will receive valuable impulses within a physically, cognitive and behavior orientated dimension of your self- leadership and expression.


Within this emotional dimension your experiences gathered during our seminars will be transfered into long lasting positive emotions (emotional marker) which initiate a sustainable personal development process and enhance your emotional competence.

quality standards

HORSE PERCEPTION COACHNG complies with recognized quality standards for the conceptualization and conduction of horse-based seminars and coachings for personnel development.


Besides our expertise in personnel development, coaching methodologies, keeping and treatment of horses as well as horse behavior and communication, we attach great importance to high level infrastructure and work only with healthy, well balanced and realiable horses. 

„What you do without pleasure will not flourish“

William Shakespeare