coaching and seminar process

phase 1. preliminary talk

Coachings - meaning the accompanying process over a period of several weeks or months (more details you find  here) - start with one or more individual meetings without horse interaction. Optional we offer an additinal coaching phase where horses will be involved and selected coaching topics will be reflected more deeply. This internacive phase follows follows the same process like horse based seminars.


Seminars - meaning individual or group training sessions of one or more days - ((more details you find  here) require a detailed preliminary talk, where we elaborate the learning objectives and individual needs of our participants..

phase 2. interaktive training with horses

Both, our interaktive coaching sessions with horses as well as our horse-based seminars start with a theoretical introduction into specific predetermined topics and an individual identification of your leaning objectives.

Afterwards our participants conduct together with the specially for our seminars selected horses various exercises and exams and can test and evolve e.g. their communication skills.


It starts with observing and touching the horses....

...followed by individual and group exercises with one or more horses, either in the indoor riding arena...

...oo outside in the forest...

The exercises with horses have a sustainable emptional effect, and in combination with direct reflective feedback sessions as well as foto/video documentation our participants can learn to apply the immedaite horse reactions for their own competencies development.


Our participants can direclty apply these expereinces and images for their professional and private interrelations.

phase 3. follow-up

We care for you also afterwards and conduct with you follow-up feedback calls as well as - if you are interested -  addtional seminars and coaching sessions. This enables you to reflect deeply your learning results and to identify and apply additional options for actions for your personal development.