Module 1.  "fine-tuning"  new vocabulary for your communication

Communication happens in every interpersonal contact. Successful communication promotes interpersonal relationships and enables an honest and open exchange. In the business world it is the foundation for the relationship between professionalism and humanity.


With this format of a horse based seminar you develop more clarity in your communication and learn to be more authentic and thus to reach your communication goals more successfully and effectively. The focus here is on alignment of emotion, thinking and most of all non-verbal expression.


During individual and group exercises with horses you are enabled, to make your communication behavior and the connected emotions observable and to take active control in managing them using newly developed self awareness techniques.


Target audience: People of all backgrounds interested in promoting their communication skills and in reaching their communication goals in both professional and private life. 


Frame: one-to-three-day seminars in an exklusive seminar settings in idyllic landscapes with selected horses, organic food catering, and further activities in the region based on seminar length (e.g. inspirational walk in the nature, carriage rides, wine tasting, castle visits, open fires etc.)


We offer: detailed preliminary conversation to identify your learning goals, theoretical introduction in seminar topic and -methodology, intensive horse contact for a minimum of five hours per day, group and individual feedback (four-phase-methodology), handout, foto- and upon request  video documentation, a one-hour individual follow up coaching after six weeks.

Further communication topics which, upon request, can be integrated int our seminars are: customer meeting, job interview, sales communication, presentation,  intercultural communication to prepare for business communication in a foreign cultural environment.

Modul 2. Please understand me! Communication in the family

Who am I? what do I want? what are my boundaries? These questions accompany parents and their children in the daily life. Recurring conflict solutions and intensive confrontations are hard to prevent and can lead to frustration, emotionale blockages and up to open rejection of parental guidance and style.


With this seminar offer we would like to invite parents and their children to learn more about their personality, their emotions, and their way of dealing with each other and to develop conflict solving communication techniques in a playful way.

Target audience: Parents with their children (starting at 8 years)


Frame and offert: see module 1


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