module. "stress management"

Our dealing with ourselves should be sustainable, meaning our resources should be used in doses, resting periods and personal highlights therefore need to be integrated into our daily lives. Many factors such as lack of time, pressure to perform and excessive demands Überforderung shape our professional and also our private life with the result, that we harm our health and often our environment as well. 


With this one or more-day seminar we offer you a secure space where you can learn to establish an individual  early warning system for stress management. This will help you to identify your borders on time and to take effective counter measures for a better health.


Stress in doses can also be positive. Step by step you learn how to get into a flow without becoming a workaholic.

Target audience: Do you often feel stressed or are you exposed to other people who are stressed (e.g. colleagues, students, etc.) and would like to have strategies to control stress and thus feel more healthy?  


Frame: one-to-three-day seminars in an exklusive seminar settings in idyllic landscapes with selected horses, organic food catering, and further activities in the region based on seminar length (e.g. inspirational walk in the nature, carriage rides, wine tasting, castle visits, open fires etc.)


We offer: detailed preliminary conversation to identify your learning goals, theoretical introduction in seminar topic and -methodology, intensive horse contact for a minimum of five hours per day, group and individual feedback (four-phase-methodology), handout, foto- and upon request  video documentation, a one-hour individual follow up coaching after six weeks.

module 2. "relationship competency"

How do I define for myself the meaning of relationship? In what kind of relationship am I with myself and how does that effect my handling of other people? What do I want to live and achieve in relationship with other people? 


The diverse forms of communication, perceptions and emotions, which happen in relationship-oriented contacts, will become perceptible during this seminar.


We support your efforts to develop for yourself a coherent attitude and concrete options for action to realize your  "relationship goals".

Possible topics in this context such as fear not to be able to handle a relationship or relationship conflicts will be included sensitively and solutions to deal with these aspects offered.


Target audience: Participants who strive for a harmonic and healthy contact with themselves and others.


Frame and offer: see module 1

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