potential management

module 1. "self efficacy""

Those who are convinced that what they are currently doing or plan to do is actually something they indeed can do, are self-effective and basically highly motivated.   Consequently the activation of own resources and potentials and the necessary self confidence are at the center of this seminar.


In a safe, discret space we will cooperate with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Following you will have the opportunity to direct and activate your expanded energies and resources by solving a course with challenges and obstacles both as individual or tram exercises with horses.


Hereby it is intended to develop techniques for recognition of personal potentials, how to deal with new challenges and strategies of how to insert your personal performance in your professional and private life successfully.


Target audience: Participants who want to increase the active use of their potentials


Frame: one-to-three-day seminars in an exklusive seminar settings in idyllic landscapes with selected horses, organic food catering, and further activities in the region based on seminar length (e.g. inspirational walk in the nature, carriage rides, wine tasting, castle visits, open fires etc.)


We offer: detailed preliminary conversation to identify your learning goals, theoretical introduction in seminar topic and -methodology, intensive horse contact for a minimum of five hours per day, group and individual feedback (four-phase-methodology), handout, foto- and upon request  video documentation, a one-hour individual follow up coaching after six weeks.

module 2. "assessment and recruiting"

Our horse-based assessment center for groups and individuals offers an innovative and reliable selection process of staff members and benefactors of personell development measures.


The horse-based exercises, prepared in accordance to your organizational recruiting- und personell development targets will provide you with an insight, if your future or current staff members are acting emotionally competent and offer leadership skills. Character qualities such as courage, trust, communication skills, dealing with resistance, assertiveness, presence, readiness to learn and most of all authenticity kann be mirrored by horses.


During the one to many-day seminars we will build a frame, which will provide the typical feeling of a test situation, so that you will be able to experience the full potential of each participant.  

In cooperation with your human resource department we analyze the results and support your decision making process for both recruitment and personal development of your staff members.


Target audience: Employers of all sectors 


Frame and offer: see module 1

NEW module 3. "trust yourself! strengthening youth with horses"

Who am I? What do I want and what are my limits? Why do I not manage this task? Why is everybody against me? Why do I not have the courage to stand in front of the class? How will I make progress in my professional life?


These or similar questions are asked by young people. With this seminar they are able to find useful answers to these questions.


Due to a playful handling and the detailed question-oriented exercises with horses you will gradually get closer to yourself and be surprised positively to learn about one or the other interest and potential.


Topics, you are going to meet: gain a clear self and external image of yourself, identify and use potentials, safe handling of own emotions and doubts, obtain career orientation etc.


Stay curious and engage yourself in this adventure with horses - it is worth it and the experience will accompany you your whole life!


Target audience: Young people and young adults , die gerne mehr über sich und ihre Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten lernen möchten, die mit Lern- oder Beziehungsproblemen kämpfen oder sich allgemein unsicher fühlen


Frame and offer: see module 1


Note: We like to cooperate with youth organizations - please contact us!

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