team building

module 1. "team formation and communication"

How is a team set up and what kind of dynamics have an input on the team? How does the team motivate itself? What is my impact on other team mates and what is my role in the team? How do I deal with conflict and stress moments in the team? How do I and the team reach goals?


The key to successful team work is based in the ability, to perceive oneself and others subtly and to build a working culture based on respect and trust. High perception skills and clear communication based on abilities to take active control on emotional and motivational team structures eventually create a climate of innovation and creativity.

During this horse based seminar you are enabled, to make your own and team behavior and the connected emotions observable and to take active control in managing them using newly developed self awareness techniques to celebrate mutual team success.


Target audience: corporate and organizational teams of all sectors and constellations, sport teams, soldiers, theater groups, music bands etc.


Frame: one-to-three-day seminars in an exklusive seminar settings in idyllic landscapes with selected horses, organic food catering, and further activities in the region based on seminar length (e.g. inspirational walk in the nature, carriage rides, wine tasting, castle visits, open fires etc.)


We offer: detailed preliminary conversation to identify your learning goals, theoretical introduction in seminar topic and -methodology, intensive horse contact for a minimum of five hours per day, group and individual feedback (four-phase-methodology), handout, foto- and upon request  video documentation, a one-hour individual follow up coaching after six weeks.

module 2. "team building advanced seminar"

After six months we recommend to teams, who participated in one of our seminars to engage into a follow up seminar using the same setting but with more complex obstacles to tackle. The advanced seminar will promote and deepen the newly acquired perception and social-emotional competences and help you master new, heightened challenges caused by higher complexity of obstacles prepared in the exercises. The feelings of success will further strengthen your team and have a sustainable and lasting input. 

Target audience: Teams, who have participated in module 1 or have prior experiences from other horse based seminars. 


Frame and offer: see module 1

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